Found this classic tucked away in the corner of a pawn shop and offered less than half the sticker price, not thinking they would bite.

What do you know, I acquired a new bass.

I gave the little guy some attention and for a short period thought I was ripped off. You see I never even plugged the thing in when I bought it...man was I glad after doing some research online and needless to say some brain surgery on the insides, of course taking care to sterilize him as to avoid any infections, that he could be fixed up.

This Roadstar II Bass quickly became one of the family after plugging in and hearing the sweet soulful sounds. Great tone and playability whose heart will accompany many a beat on future start recording studio productions.

sean patrick scott

Awhile back I did some recording with Kelly W and his niece. I was particularly excited to record Kelly because of his ability to sing opera. 

Kelly came prepared with the instrumental version of the song Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from The Phantom of the Opera, music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. There are a lot of options out there for personal use Karaoke. 

Anyways, the process was pretty straight forward and only took a few minutes to track his vocal, blend with the instrument track, and polish it off for him to listen to in the car on his way home.

Gollum: We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!
Smeagol: No. Not master! 
Gollum: Yes, precious, false! They will cheat you, hurt you, LIE.
Smeagol: Master is our friend! 
Gollum: You don't have any friends; nobody likes you! 
Smeagol: I'm not listening... I'm not listening...
Gollum: You're a liar and a thief. 
Smeagol: No!
Gollum: *Murderer*. 
Smeagol: Go away! 
Gollum: "Go away?" 
[Gollum laughs as Smeagol begins crying] 
Smeagol: I hate you, I hate you. 
Gollum: Where would you be without me, gollum, gollum? I saved us! It was me! We survived because of me! 
Smeagol: [stops crying] Not anymore.
Gollum: What did you say? 
Smeagol: Master looks after us now. We don't need you anymore.
Gollum: What? 
Smeagol: Leave now, and never come back! 
Gollum: No! 
Smeagol: Leave now, and never come back! 
[Gollum screams in frustration] 
[Gollum is silent] 
Smeagol: [looks around] We told him to go away... and away he goes, Precious! Gone, gone, gone! Smeagol is free!

Poor tortured Smeagol. Nothing really to do with the post, but I am reading The Hobbit by JRR Tolken and well I guess when it comes to deciding the best option for mastering your audio there can be some internal conflict - at least there seems to be within the industry. 

So as I was doing some due diligence and researching competitor practices, I came across the thumbtack website. Always on the look out for inexpensive (free) ways to promote the business and gain exposure so naturally their site grabbed my attention. Soon found my self filling out a complete company profile. Still trying to shake that feeling like I just finished a pop quiz but don't have the results back yet. The process was simple, didn't take much time, and I did mention it was free, right? but still...would much rather be doing something else. 

Anyways, I know there are some of you that have services that your looking to promote and this site apears to have some good things going on. Since marketing the studio is part of what we do I figure a quick blog post can't do much harm. Check them out if you are interested (there is a section to leave reviews too, wink wink) Curious to hear if anyone has had any experience with this particular service or others like it. 

On that cord, if you know of any additional ways to do some simple, inexpensive, and effective marketing let me know by dropping a note in the comments. 

sean patrick scott

One of my New Year resolutions is to be more active in the studio and on the blog. In an effort to achieve both goals I've decided to make sure I mix one new song a month and post about it on the blog. Some months may have lots of info, tips, tricks, etc while other months may simply be the song posted to listen to.

So without further adieu, I present to you "Known and Loved". A song written by Joel Ansett. Visit www.joelansett.com for more of his music (also features this song as originally mixed by Graham). The tracks were provided by Graham and Joel over at Dueling Mixes.

This particular song sports a piano (keyboard sample), cello, acoustic guitar, and three male vocals. Only six tracks. Initial listen had me thinking that the piano would be the main focus. Pictured a live performance with the lead vocalists sitting at the piano, backing vocals sitting stage left and right each playing an instrument, in this case cello/guitar. However, after doing an initial rough mix the balance didn't feel right. With a little trial and error I came to the conclusion that the rhythm of the guitar held everything together. As such it was important in my opinion to make this a central piece. 

When asked what my favorite album is I always respond with Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins.

Perhaps it was a right time at the right place scenario, but the release of this record has hands down had the most influence on my music selection and life's events.

When it comes to music i consider myself a late bloomer, even still today. I remember listening to Lull, the "Rhinoceros Single", that my friends older brother owned in his bedroom and stopping the playback saying, "this is the worst music. I don't know how anyone can listen to the screaching guitars and chaos." I totally dismissed the band from that one listening.

Wasn't until The Smashing Pumkins started to dominate the radiowaves a few years later with songs like Today, Cherub Rock, and Disarm that I even realized they still existed. But that wasn't enough. Eventually a friend purchased the Siamese Dream album and insisted I take home his copy and listen to the song Soma, his
favorite song which was NOT played on the radio.

First, Happy New Year!

Didn’t do much with music over the holidays even though I had work off. However, that is changing with the new year.

Just over the last day or two I’ve started making some changes to my work flow and mixing approach. So I felt the urge to go back and remix an old cover of a Bob Dylan song by a co-worker Kelly B. Kelly has a great voice which makes mixing fun.

Decided to post the before and after so you can listen...





The more you mix the better you become at mixing.  

At least that is the hope. I’m finding dueling mixes so incredible for improving my mixing skills.  Kind of like jamming with other musicians but for mixing engineers.

Unfortunately, doesn’t help my duel with sleep deprivation...

sean patrick scott

This ginger is my brother-in-law who frequents the studio whenever there is a family get together.

We usually end up recording and writing music into the wee hours of the night until he falls asleep singing. Then I take to mixing and we regroup the next day. This pattern occurs over the course of 2-3 days during their weekend stay.

Each time Tyler comes with some lyrics, maybe some drums in his head, a rough melody, or chord progression. As I work on the recording and mixing end of things, he works on composing the rest of the song. The whole process can be tiring but fun to see each song unfold. 

I'll leave you with a few of my personal favorites.

Actually finishing a song or project is often easier said than done for most of us. I often read where successfull artists will say that they have parts of songs written years ago that are finally produced on an album years later for a number of different reasons. On ocassion, those are the same songs crunched out during the last few hours of a recording session. Sometimes that is the best thing we can do to improve situation and may be the only thing holding us back from something greater. 

Along those lines we congratulate Architekt for taking that step of finishing a long time project and moving on to the next stage. I am really happy to have been a part of the finishing process.

More often than not I have people come to me with an idea for a song or the the basic arrangment on guitar possibly wtih some lyrics and vocals. So this was a nice project to work on because Jason clearly wanted to finish his project and just needed to rerecord his vocals into the mix, which we did.



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